Workplace Bullying

“I thought about that whole issue of not wanting to talk about these experiences because it is kind of like dredging up dirt from the bottom of a pond, and it might mucky the event that the person was having. I found my experience to be exactly the opposite. When I talk about these things, it brings to light why they could have occurred and actually gives me more forgiveness towards the people who were the perpetrators.

-experience of a former target of workplace bullying

What is Workplace Bullying?

 There are many definitions, but here’s the one we like:

Workplace bullying is the experience of repeated and unwelcomed negative acts, that are intended to cause fear, distress or harm to the target, from one or more individuals in any source of power with the target, where the target has difficulties defending him or herself. 

Am I Being Targeted? 

If you think you are being targeted at work, you are not alone. An estimated 37% of the American workforce has been a target of bullying at one point in their career, amounting to approximately 54 million people.

If you’re experiencing several of the following characteristics on a repeated basis from a consistent person or group, then you may be a target of workplace bullying.

Work-Related Bullying

  • Someone withholding information which affects your performance
  • Being ordered to do work below your level of experience
  • Having your opinion ignored
  • Being given asks with unreasonable deadlines
  • Excessive monitoring of your work
  • Pressure not to claim something to which by right you are entitled (e.g. sick leave, holiday entitlement, travel expenses)
  • Being exposed to an unmanagable workload

Person-Related Bullying

  • Being humiliated or ridiculed in connection with your work
  • Having key areas of responsibility removed or replaced with more trivial or unpleasant tasks
  • Spreading of gossip about you
  • Being ignored or excluded
  • Having insulting or offensive remarks made about your person, attitudes or your private life
  • Hints or signals that you should quit your job
  • Repeated reminders of your errors or mistakes
  • Being ignored or facing a hostile reaction when you approach
  • Persistent criticism of your errors or mistakes
  • Practical jokes carried out by people you don’t get along with
  • Having allegations made against you
  • Being the subject of excessive teasing and sarcasm

Physically Intimidating Bullying

  • Being shouted at or being the target of spontaneous anger
  • Intimidating behaviors, such as finger-pointing, invasion of personal space, shoving, blocking your way
  • Threats of violence or physical abuse or actual abuse

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