Online Training

Looking for the 2017 webinar schedule? Refer to this post for a complete list.

Online Conference

Mental Health Day

Mental Health Day

Mental Health Day is a one-day online conference featuring 15 industry experts that will help you reduce your stress and maintain your personal sanity at work. Learn more »

Live Online Trainings

Infusing Mindfulness

Infusing Mindfulness Into Your Day
May 4, 2017

Take control of your stress levels at work by infusing highly practical mindfulness strategies into your day. You’ll increase your productivity and self-leadership by creating structure that will allow you to thrive. Register Now »

Group Programs

Manager Mastery

Manager Mastery

People don’t quit their job – they quit their boss. In this training, I’ll teach you how to get the most out of your team and create a working environment they’ll love. Learn More »

Work Reboot

Work Reboot

Dread going into work every day? I’ll help you find your professional passion again in a supportive environment with this group program. Learn More »

Premium Online Course

When you enroll in one of these online courses, you’ll get lifetime access to hours of video lectures that you can complete at your own pace, and information that you can use every day at work.


Navigating Office Politics


Believe it or not, you can engage in office politics in a way that is ethical, above board, and can help you get more done at work. This course will teach you how to build better working relationships and navigating those tricky political situations. Enroll today »