Organization Culture Inventory

Culture InventoryEveryone talks about organizational culture.

We combine art and science to understand and develop yours.

Companies who have a truly great culture don’t just talk about it – they put focused effort into it. It’s not about benefits and perks. Your people drive your culture. We help you understand its makeup so that you can develop and effectively maintain the right balance.

Our approach works for groups big and small, for single departments that are a part of a larger company, or for the whole organization. Whether you’re a CEO or a department manager, we’ll help you understand your team culture and develop it.

Here’s how it works:

  • Each employee gets a custom 20 page report about their individual work style, and how to improve their working relationships with others.
  • We use those reports to paint a picture of the culture as a whole, and provide you with analysis about strengths and possible stumbling blocks, tailored to specific questions you’re trying to answer.
  • You get all sorts of extras, like a poster illustrating your culture that you can hang up at the office or unlimited free reports comparing the styles of any two employees.
  • You get it all for the price of about $75 per employee.

View sample reports:

  • Each of your employees with receive the Everything DiSC Workplace Profile customized specifically to them.*
  • You’ll receive the a Group Culture Report that aggregates the information from the individual profile reports.
  • You will receive an unlimited number of complimentary Comparison Reports that compares and contrasts the work styles of any two people.
  • You’ll receive additional custom reporting and analysis based on your goals.

To learn more, complete the form to your right or contact Karlyn Borysenko at 603-290-2545.

 *Other types of reports are available at different price points. We’ll work together to pick the best one for your team’s needs.

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