I work with organizations to help create amazing working environments through highly practical mindfulness techniques that drive productivity and results. My clients see outcomes such as a 30% increase in productivity, two times higher job satisfaction, five times higher employee engagement, decreased employee stress and burnout and more.

Working the organizations is only part of my offering. I also work with individuals one-on-one and in groups to help them be more successful and fulfilled at work. Check back regularly for webinars and virtual trainings that you or your team can join!


This isn’t your typical workplace training. My clients are looking for a different perspective that brings humanity back to the workplace.

Every engagement is customized, so there’s no cookie cutter approach, but they are all grounded in the same philosophy. The idea of zen is approaching things with a beginner’s mind, one that is open to possibilities, lacks preconceptions, and avoids getting bogged down in the nonsense.

When I apply this idea to the workplace, I start with mindset and personal accountability, but with a focus on driving tangible, bottom-line results.

  • We can choose to see things differently, and change our perspective.¬†Things are rarely black or white – the world is full of gray.
  • We are all accountable for the our own behaviors – no one else is responsible for how you choose to act in any given situation.
  • When you become aware of your innate working style, and the differing styles of others, you’re able to perform more effectively and get more done.
  • Asking questions is critical. Don’t assume that the way you perceive a situation is the way others do. Always assume the people you work with have positive intent.
  • Be of service to the people around you, always. When you lift others up, you succeed as well.

Karlyn Borysenko, Owner and Principal


profile-karlyn-circleMy goal is to make professional life better for individuals, and drive productivity and results for organizations. I fix the “people problems” – I help individuals build better working relationships across their organizations, navigate office politics, create a great organizational culture, build and lead more productive teams, and be great managers. I’m one of the few workplace bullying experts in the country – I can help individuals who have been targeted, or organizations who think they might have a bullying problem on their hands. And if you work in sales or fundraising, I can teach you how to “read” your prospects to increase your close rate and generate more revenue.

I’m an MBA, a PhD in Psychology, and a certified DiSC Trainer. I believe passionately that an organization’s most valuable resource is its people, and that leaders have a responsibility to put structures, processes, and systems in place that will support employee success, development, job satisfaction, and organizational culture.

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  1. I love your philosophical approach to the workplace and dealing with people. It is great that you are helping people be more thought full and mindful of their environments and the people around them. Very impressive and admirable!! I’d love to learn more about you and your communication style.

    Thanks for following the Language Lab on Twitter.

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