DON'T treat others the way YOU want to be treated.

4 thoughts on “DON'T treat others the way YOU want to be treated.

  1. The golden rule is a core principal of respect. So, treating others the way they want to be treated is respecting them, and hence is the epitome of the golden rule.

  2. Rule in business: Treat others the way THEY want to be treated – it is the only way to get your work done in a highly manipulative & competitive environment. If it means sucking up to the boss to get that contract signed (‘cos he likes to being sucked up to), so be it.

    Rule in relationships and everyday life: Treat others the way YOU want to be treated – For example, the last thing anybody would need is a high-maintenance partner who demands all your time and attention, but doesn’t value your space and time. If you don’t respect yourself, why would anybody else bother?

  3. Both of them suck… The best way is “Treat others the way they treat you”. This creates a positive feedback, where good is propagated and evil is countered. Not only it is good from purely egoistic point of view, but goes good way for everyone(except those bad ones) in the long run.

  4. Dr. Tony Alessandra’s _The Platinum Rule_ covers this topics really well – I recommend the audio book version especially highly.

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