Working for a Narcissistic Boss

4 thoughts on “Working for a Narcissistic Boss

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  3. Julia Hoodman

    I wish I’d read this much sooner. My narcissist has escalated to managing me and another hard worker out of our jobs. We’ve both been with our employer for over 20 years to her 5 years. She has perfectly, expertly aligned “facts” to support her opinions. It’s like she make a decision of what types of people we are and have manipulated observations to prove that her hypothesis is correct. We want to do something (we tried HR to no avail), we just don’t know what. Thoughts?

  4. It doesn’t surprise me that HR wasn’t helpful – they rarely are. The best you can do is decide how much your position means to you, and how that stacks up against how much you dislike the situation. The reality is that people like this change so rarely that it’s not even worth discussing how to approach it – that’s not cynical, that’s reality. So what can you do? Can you move to another manager within the organization? Can you mitigate your boss by gaining the support of others? Or do you need to exit and look for a new opportunity? Chances are, you know the answer without giving it too much thought.

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